Fat loss without surgery

Cavitation is the latest ultrasound technology fat removal treatment device. This technology differs in principle from all other methods used on the market. It is the alternative to operative liposuction without surgical intervention, without pain, without scars and without the risks and side effects of surgery. This certified device works with low and high frequency ultrasound. Due to the ultrasonic package, the cavitation is particularly gentle and allows controlled treatment of the tissue.
Cavitation is a physical phenomenon in which gas bubbles form in fat cells. Due to a certain superposition of ultrasonic and pressure waves, the bubbles collapse. This implosion triggers another shock wave, whereby the cell membrane, i.e. the protective covering of fat cells, becomes permeable and stored fat escapes. The fat released by cavitation is naturally broken down in the liver and lymph.

Cavitation is a non-invasive technique (without surgery) used to reduce body volume by eliminating cellulite and shaping fat deposits in the abdomen, hips, inner thighs and knees, arms and back. . Who doesn’t know this? Stubborn fat pads that cannot be removed with hard training, a healthy diet, and various cosmetic treatments. With a new and innovative system, the most stubborn fat deposits can be removed in a very short time. This ultrasound is a new kind of cavitation. The painless treatment with focused ultrasound does not represent an operation and is inexpensive.

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