Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a specific massage technique in which specific areas of the sole of the foot, the so-called foot reflex zones, are massaged. Locally, this improves blood circulation in the foot. But the purpose of massage goes further.

In the foot reflexology massage, the therapist applies specific grips on the reflex zones of the foot with the hand or fingers and exerts stimuli there through the massage. This grappling technique is based on the idea that the foot is interrelated with the whole body. The individual reflex zones on the foot are assigned to specific organs: it is therefore possible to have a therapeutic effect on the respective organ by massaging the corresponding reflex zone of the foot, i.e. positively influence it and thus alleviate diseases.

Massage of the reflex zone of the foot is considered a so-called mood change therapy, that is, as a treatment method whose goal is to positively influence the body’s reactions or stimulate the immune system. For example, massage of the reflex zones of the foot can have the following purposes:

promote lymphatic drainage in arms and legs
release muscle tension
reduces pain
help you sleep better
strengthen physical condition

Mood therapies, such as massage of the reflex zones of the feet, are used mainly in the case of chronic diseases to stimulate and help their healing. The area of ​​application of foot reflexology is correspondingly large. It can be used, for example, as complementary or supportive treatment for:

Joint and spine problems
organ dysfunction
hormonal imbalances
Complaints during menopause

However, it has not yet been scientifically proven whether foot reflexology has a long-term effect. However, foot reflex zone massages are considered to have almost no side effects. Only in certain cases is it advisable not to massage the reflex zones of the foot, for example in the case of:

Complaints in the foot area, for example:
Bone or joint problems
diabetic foot
open wounds
fungal infections (athlete’s foot)
acute infectious diseases with high fever
high risk pregnancies
acute inflammation of the venous and/or lymphatic vessels

Massage of the foot area CHF 120.–/ 60 minutes