For a perfect, even complexion without makeup

What is the BB Glow treatment?
Meso treatment & semi-permanent makeup This treatment combines effective meso active ingredients with natural pigments for a permanently even complexion with a long-lasting effect.
Our natural and EU certified products offer you a shelf life of up to 6 months. Due to the light content of pigments, there is an effective and immediate improvement in the appearance of the skin, which remains natural looking. You can individually respond to your clients and increase intensity as desired without causing color differences in untreated areas.
This treatment can be used throughout the year, since the pigments adapt to the skin tone and do not negatively affect the desired tan.
What areas of application does the treatment cover?
What areas of application does the treatment cover?

The following skin conditions and problems can be improved:
– Dark circles/shadows under the eyes
– freckles
– Hyperpigmentation
– Discolored skin around the eyes (genetic/metabolic)
– dilated pores
– Scar
– Loss of elasticity
– Lines/wrinkles
– tired/sallow skin
– dull/dry skin
– restless skin conditions/redness/couperosis
Contains no prabens, benphenone, animal and mineral oils, formaldehyde/releasers, artificial colors, nanoparticles.

CHF 230.– / Treatment
Reservation of 2 Treatments CHF 400.-
Reservation of 3 Treatments CHF 590.-
Reservation of 4 Treatments CHF 690.-