Dear customers

We are delighted to welcome you again from April 27, 2020.

All our facilities comply with the Covid-19 prevention measures, in this way we want to offer you the best possible security during your visit. For your protection and ours, we have intensified and adapted all hygiene measures:

• Mandatory masks and gloves are observed.
• After each client, we disinfect the sofa and sterilize the work materials.
• We wear safety glasses and face masks during facials.
• We thoroughly wash and sanitize our hands before and after each client.
• We plan enough time between two client appointments so that clients do not meet.
• Use the masks we provide you.
(Mandatory for all treatments except the facial.)
• Wash your hands well and use the sanitizer we provide.
• We are not authorized to treat clients belonging to the risk group.
• Please come to us only if you do not have flu symptoms and feel healthy.

With or without COVID-19, we as a beauty salon are committed to hygiene. Our floors are cleaned daily and all surfaces and door handles are disinfected multiple times a day. The clothes in our studio are always washed separately at a minimum of 95°.

Thanks for your understanding.