Kuma Shape

The new technology, non-surgical body contouring
KUMA SHAPE is the most modern innovation in the cosmetic technology market, combining the effects of radiofrequency current and infrared radiation with mechanical vacuum massage. With the combination of the physical effect of RF current, vacuum, tissue manipulation and infrared, the main causes of cellulite are treated in a single treatment session, namely local fat accumulation, loss of elasticity in the connective tissue, the reduction of local microcirculation and lymphedema.
Intensive skin tightening.

Skin elasticity and wrinkle smoothing:
Infrared rays and radio frequencies can specifically heat certain deep tissues under the skin and enable the production of collagen in large quantities, improve blood circulation, and make the skin on the face/body areas elastic and smooth wrinkles.
Figure Enhancement:
High radio frequencies heat the fat pad up to 5-15 degrees, saturate the skin with oxygen and improve metabolism in cells, promote fat metabolism and thus redistribution of water and glycerin; IR rays increase the main elasticity, make the skin burn fat; The mechanically movable vacuum attachment increases blood flow and promotes enzyme release during metabolism in adipose tissue.


cellulite removal
High-frequency radio waves acting simultaneously with the moving vacuum attachment improve blood circulation and increase blood oxygen levels. The lymphatic system contributes to the elimination of metabolic products and the treatment of fibrous cellulite.
The heat penetrates deep under the skin and acts on the fibroblasts, restoring collagen and elastic threads.


– High frequency; Power 150 watts, penetrates deep into the skin, burns fatty tissue deep in the skin.

– IR rays: to produce collagen, improve blood circulation; High efficiency in main bleaching and making elasticity.

– Mobile vacuum attachment: the mechanical movement suction attachment acts on the fat in the epidermis and therefore on cellulite, thermal energy and radiofrequency energy increase the metabolism of the fat pad and reduce cells fats. The mechanical rollers and vacuum attachment act on blood vessels increasing local blood circulation like a massage for smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

The following problem areas can be treated:

• Cellulite and fat reduction
• Perfect body shaping
• Face contours
• Stretch marks and pregnancy stretch marks
• Regeneration of connective tissue
• Range reduction
• Fat metabolism

Kuma for sagging skin and facial contours

The Kumashape helps you achieve firmer skin and more defined contours.
Wrinkles are part of the natural aging process of the skin. They arise sooner or later in everyone. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are increasingly lost with age in the skin, so the skin has less support and less moisture retention. This causes wrinkles and the skin sags.

But you don’t have to give up nature completely! You can significantly improve your own appearance with the right methods. It is possible to effectively improve the quality of your own skin, and you can actively pursue anti-aging with the appropriate means. The best results are achieved with a method called Kumashape III.

• Skin tightening: new collagen is formed and the skin is tightened
• Smoothing of wrinkles: the skin retains moisture again
• Tightening of the skin of the neck and neckline: excess skin is reduced
• Complexion: The complexion becomes smoother and more even
• Bags under the eyes and dark circles: the face appears fresher and smoother
• Chin: fat breaks down faster

1. Cardiovascular system
– Coronary heart disease
– myocardial infarction
– With cardiac pacemaker
– arrhythmia
– Active phase of rheumatism
– thrombophlebitis
– Problems with the ability of blood to clot (shown by heavy bleeding with skin damage that is difficult to stop)
– varicose veins (serious manifestation of the disease)
– Second degree hypertension (blood pressure 180-200 mm Hg to 105-114 mm Hg) and third degree (blood pressure > 200 mm Hg to 114 mm Hg)

2. Genitourinary system
– urinary stone disease
– Fibromyoma (benign growth of connective and muscular tissue) (during the massage the lower abdomen is left out)
– cyst(s)
– With a vaginal IUD (during the 1st month after insertion, the contraceptive effect is reduced)
– The first days of the menstrual cycle

3. Skin
– All skin diseases
– Injury to the upper layer of the skin
– Inflammatory and purulent skin changes, with pimples
– Generalized dermatoses in the acute phase

4. Gastrointestinal tract
– gallstone disease

5. Pulmonary system
– tuberculosis

6. Endocrine system
– Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid gland)
– Diabetes mellitus (sugar diabetes) (in weak and fragile blood vessels)

7. General points
– Tumorigenesis, oncological process
– Pregnancy (at any time)
– Placenta phase (up to 6 months)
– Abdominal wall fracture
– Radiculitis (irritation or damage to the nerve roots)
– infectious diseases
– Chronic diseases
– Fever

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