Permanent hair removal

Want beautiful, silky-smooth skin without annoying body hair?

With the help of SHR diode laser, smooth and smooth skin can be achieved on all parts of the body. Whether for women or men, with us you will receive competent advice and get rid of annoying hair according to your wishes.
The SHR diode laser is permanent and absolutely painless. You don’t have to worry about waxing after treatments are over – no more shaving, no more waxing, no more waxing! That’s not all: this treatment will make your skin even finer and softer to the touch!

How does laser razorlase work?
The hair removal diode laser Razorlase is the most innovative and effective system for permanent hair removal due to the targeted penetration depth of the light with a spectrum of 755NM+808NM+1064NM in combination with the movement and sliding technique (SHR). The diode laser technology ensures maximum success while protecting the skin and tissue at the same time. The SHR diode laser can successfully treat any skin and hair type. The optimized spot size makes the treatment more efficient, especially on smaller areas of the body.

The integrated contact cooling system further increases the feeling of well-being during the treatment. With the hair removal device, fast and lasting treatment successes are inevitable. The possibility of continuous operation allows permanent and permanently successful work.

How many treatments are necessary?
Because only part of the hair is in the so-called growth phase and the rest of the hair is in the resting phase, it takes a few treatments before all hair (in the growth phase) can be eliminated. In order to achieve a good result, depending on the skin type and the behavior of the hair growth, 6 – 12 treatments at intervals of 4-6 weeks are necessary.

Waxing for Ladies
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Waxing for Gentlemen
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