the weapon of beauty

The concept for young and firm skin

The revolutionary CooLifting system allows an effective non-invasive tightening facial treatment (without surgical intervention).

First-class results, from the first application

​CooLifting makes skin look 10 years younger after just one 5-minute session. Even within this short period of use, you can achieve an immediate effect with the CooLifting treatment: skin smoothing (lifting), which reduces even deep wrinkles and develops a lasting rejuvenating effect. To achieve particularly intense results, up to 8 treatments in a month (two applications per week) are possible.

CO2 – classic remedy, used in a modern way. The CooLifting gun makes it possible!

The concept

With the help of the CooLifting gun, a powerful flow of CO2 at a very low temperature is “shot” onto the skin of the face. This stream delivers highly concentrated and finely atomized active ingredients to the epidermis and underlying tissue layers.

The result

A single treatment with CooLifting is enough to achieve a visible effect (lifting). The skin is smoother, superficial wrinkles disappear and deep wrinkles are significantly reduced. There is also a lasting rejuvenating effect:

• intensive moisturizing care
• Collagen
• stimulation
• Skin regeneration
Experience our 5 minute miracle for yourself!
CoolCell by CoolLifting

CHF 150.– /Treatment
Reservation of 5 Treatments CHF 600.-